We make movies and raise plants

We create CONTENTS tHAT make your brand unique
We raise plants 
TOGETHER, WE make the difference!

About Blossom(e)

I’m Marysaba and I’m the founder of Blossom Productions!

I have been working in video and festival production for a while, but, in 2020, my life changed.

I lost the job I loved and I found myself working in very different fields! I passed through worker exploitation, low salary and a lot of frustration. 

This is why I decided to create my own brand where artists are respected as well as nature!

We are looking forward to making a difference with you!

#makethedifferencewithblossom #besustenablewithblossom

What we Do

  • Motion graphics contents
  • Advertising Design


Blossom Productions is a green motion graphics company.

We join  collage art to animation in order to create customized unique contents.


we now have

Planted Trees